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Finding Your Water Level

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Finding Your Wells Water Level

 It is common for a well to be 200+' deep and people may assume that our product won't work in their well because it is too deep. Before purchasing a Quick-draw hand well pump it is important to know the water level in your well.

 It is possible to have a 200' deep well and a water level of 75'.  If your water level is 70’- 100' we would recommend that you purchase 100’ pump. If your water level is 65’-85’ feet then we recommend the 75’ pump. If you water level is 30’-40’ then we recommend a 50' pump and for shallow well of 10’- 20’ use the 25’ option. 

 The pumps lengths can easily be shortened, so when in doubt order the longer pump and adjust it to the length that best suits your well. If you order a pump that is too short, then give us a call and we will trade your pump for a longer one. There will be shipping costs associated with this, so to avoid the hassle for yourself, below are tips to determine your water level before you purchase.

 To find your water level there are a few options:

  • Check property records at your local county or city office.
  • You can ask your well driller or or pump installer if they have the records of where you hit water.
  • You can make a simple measuring device. Tie a steel nut onto a roll of string and then attach a small fishing float to the string about an inch or two above the nut. Carefully lower the string down into the well until the string shows slack. Next, tie a knot in the string at that point. Pull the string out and measure the distance between the float and the knot.
  • It is usually marked on the side of some well casings. (May only tell well depth, but not water level.

        Some wells have a small diameter well with obstructions in it such as a pitless adapter. To measure the water in such a well you may need use a piece of   1-1/4" pipe down to just beyond the obstruction and lower the string inside the pipe to prevent string from tangling.