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60 Gallon Water Storage Refill Set

60 Gallon Water Storage Refill Set

$ 59.99

When disaster strikes there are several things vital to survival, and water is one of the big ones. This storage and treatment set was created with safety and convenience in mind.


  • Shelf Life and Reliablity: Shelf life is important. When Aquamira water treatment is used, the 60 gallons can have a shelf life of up to 5 years! Pesky slime build up in storage containers can cause a lot of issues if a disaster strikes. Aquamira helps prevent slime build up, leading to a more reliable way to store your water.
  • Strength: Bleach and iodine are common oxidants to use when treating water, but Aquamira is a stronger oxidant. It has a greater pathogen killing power, which helps ensure safer drinking water.
  • Quality Taste: Sometimes stored water can develop a funny taste, with Aquamira that is no longer an issue. It not only enhances the taste of the stored water, but it also kills bacteria that cause odor.
  • Multilayer-Laminated Mylar Bags The Mylar bags have a strong seal which stops harmful bacteria from getting in, leak proof, durable, puncture and tear resistant.

What's Inside:

  • 12x Multilayer-Laminated Mylar Bags
  • 1x Aquamira Treatment Chemicals

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